Kids having FUN!!!

Mind Winder Carnival Ride

"The Mind Winder Carnival Ride"

So Much Fun, You Will Lose Your Mind!!!

60'L X 60'W X 14'H

 This ride features eight separate tubs that seat two people. The Mind Winder spins in a circle angling each tub up away from the center. The riders can spin their tub simultaneously. Th Mind Winder is a combination of a swing ride and teacup ride.... 

The Mind Winder Carnival Ride is perfect for the whole family!!! The Mind Winder Carnival Ride will hold up to 16 riders.... The Mind Winder Carnival Ride comes with its own trained operator and power!!! Call Funtime today and get started planning your Carnival of Fun!!! Perfect for schools event, church event, cooperate event or just a plan ole backyard birthday party!!!


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