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Water Slides

Our slides provide hours of fun and are perfect to cool down on a nice hot day.

  SKU Product Price
INV47 14' Blue Crush $195.00
INV49 24' Tropical Dual Lane $450.00
INV160 27' Dual Lane Purple Paradise Water Slide with slip-n-slide $650.00
INV72 27FT. Dual Lane Blue Paradise Water Slide with slip-n-slide $650.00
206 Bounce Slide Water Combo $250.00
INV21 Curvy Lava Falls Water Slide $325.00
INV46 Dual Lane Super Splash Down with Pool $295.00
INV22 Green Wave Water Slide $325.00
INV29 Rip N' Dip Water Slide with Pool $365.00
INV27 Splashdown Red,White,& Blue Water Slide with Pool $265.00
INV20 Summer Splash Water Slide $395.00

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