Green Wave Water Slide



Size 25'L x 16'W x 20'H
Power Requirement 1 - 110 outlet on a 20 amp circuit breaker

The 20ft Double Green Wave is a great slide for multiple kids to slide down at the same time. It’s green marble design and wave curve will keep kids entertained for hours. Children and adults alike enjoy this waterslide. This slide has been great in a variety of settings from outdoor water events, church events, school events, backyard parties, and so much more. We only have one of these slides so be sure to book now if you would like to have it for your upcoming event.

Age Appropriateness: Adults and Children are welcome for the 20ft Double Green Wave. Toddlers will need the help of an adult or able person to help up the ladder.

Surfaces: The 20ft Double Green Wave can be placed on grass, dirt, asphalt, concrete, or on any indoor surface. In most cases we will install this with a tarp underneath.

Pool Information: The pool area on the 20ft Double Green Wave is an attached pool that is directly at the end of the slide lanes. The pool has a liner that is attached and can be filled with water without leaking