Our $10 per unit equipment protection plan is a great addition to your rental.

Don't worry about replacement costs or incurring damage charges.

This plan covers any accidental damage to the equipment while it is being rented. This is a temporary insurance for our equipment while it is in your care. Under our contract and terms you are responsible for any damage that happens to our equipment while the unit is in your possession. The equipment protection covers any damage that may occur during your rental period excluding intentional damage (including the use of silly string) or theft.

Your liability for loss of, or damage to the rented equipment will not be waived in the following circumstances:

1. Non-use due to inclement weather or any other reason.
2. Damage to unit due to misuse/neglecting to obey safety procedures.
3. Loss of accessory Equipment, such as electric cord, tie ropes, and/or ground stakes.
4. Loss of electrical power or overload.
5. Theft, mysterious or unexplained disappearance, or shortages disclosed on inventory.
6. For any late returns of the Equipment on Do-It-Yourself Rentals.