Frozen Combo



Size 20x20

Have a great event coming up or want to have a special inflatable with the Frozen Disney Theme? The Frozen 5-in-1 Combo (Bounce, Slide, Obstacle, & Basketball, and outside basketball) is a great inflatable for kids of all ages. This is a dry only combo which means no water can be run on it. The Frozen 5-in-1 Combo is a great fit for young and older children. We call these combo units because they have more than just a bounce house. Toddlers may needs some help climbing in but they will have a great time inside. The Frozen 5-in-1 Combo has a cover over the top of the bounce house to shield the kids inside from the sun or weather. The slide portion is partially covered. This is a very popular combo unit as the Frozen movie has been very popular among kids of all ages.

Age Appropriateness: Young and older children are welcome for this inflatable. Toddlers will need the help of an adult or able person to help into the bounce house.

Surfaces: This inflatable can be placed on grass, dirt, asphalt, concrete, or on any indoor surface. In some cases, we will install this with a tarp underneath.