Leaps N Bounds



Size 39' X 21' X 12'
SKU 266

Are you ready for the challenge of the Leaps & Bounds? Kids & Adults will have an exciting time trying to make it across the 4 Big Balls. This inflatable is extremely large and draws in a lot of attention with the Toxic theme and the game interaction similar to the TV show Wipeout. It is a DRY ONLY unit and cannot be used with water or in the rain.

The Leaps & Bounds can be used Indoors or Outdoors and can handle large groups of people. Many schools, churches, and large event coordinators like to add this inflatable to their event as it draws a lot of attention and will have the attendants talking about their experience on it.

The Leaps & Bounds has steps on either side for easy access to the platform to jump across and the landing area is soft if players are not able to make it across on top of the balls. There is a net on the backside that protects players from falling off the back as well. All in all, this is a very safe unit as long as one person is jumping at a time. Two or more jumping at a time is prohibited on this inflatable.