$795/3 Hours
$75/hour for additional
Delivery charges apply

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One of the most entertaining pieces of our vast inventory is the Mechanical Bull. The Mechanical Bull is extreme fun for extreme fans of fun. Planning to have a cowboy theme party, have a big event, or just some friends over to test the 8-second challenge, the Mechanical Bull is perfect for you. Our Mechanical Bulls have been to large fairs, school and church events, backyard private parties, and even wedding receptions for the couples and guests to test their skills after tieing the knot.

Equipment: The Mechanical Bull is set up on-site in the location you desire. It comes with a blower for the inflatable mat, bull, and an operator.

Operation: Our Mechanical Bull is delivered by a minimum of two certified skilled operators. They are the only ones allowed to operate the Mechanical Bull and will be the guide to show and instruct guests what to do while riding.

Age Appropriateness: Adults, Young, and older children are welcome for this inflatable. Toddlers and very young children are not able to do this by themselves. If allowing toddlers or very young children to ride there has to be an accompanying adult that holds them on the bull while riding.

Surfaces: The Mechanical Bull must be placed on a flat level surface and can be on grass or a hard surface like asphalt or concrete. If putting inside there is a risk of scratching the floor because of the steel base and anchor rods that extend from it. If using inside please make sure to have some type of carpet protection.

Mechanical Bull comes with all that is needed to be setup. There is a delivery charge and if the booking requires the operators to stay overnight the renters will be responsible for those charges as well.

Additional options below:

  • 5500 Watt Generator – $65/day with full tank of gas

Size: 15w x 15l x 4h
Weight: 450lbs

How to book?

In person: Come by and book at 240 Turner St. Waynesboro, MS 39367

By Phone: Call (601) 735-3198


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