Sports Bounce House



Size 15' x 15' X 17'
Power Requirement 1 - 110 outlet on a 20 amp circuit breaker

The Sports Arena Bounce House is a great fit for young and older children. Toddlers may needs some help climbing in but they will have a great time inside. The Sports Arena Bounce House has a cover over the top to sheild the kids inside from the sun or weather as well as a basketball hoop for use with a bouncy ball (ball not included). This is a very popular bounce house as it is flexible to go with girls or boys and various themes of parties. We only have one Sports Arena Bounce House so be sure to book now if you would like to have it for your upcoming event.

Age Appropriateness: Young and older children are welcome for this inflatable. Toddlers will need the help of an adult or able person to help into the bounce house.

Surfaces: This inflatable can be placed on grass, dirt, asphalt, concrete, or on any indoor surface. In some cases we will install this with a tarp underneath.